Matt O'Shaughnessy


Ph.D. Student
School of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology


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About me

I am a Ph.D. student in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Center for Machine Learning at Georgia Tech. I'm very fortunate to be advised by Mark Davenport and Chris Rozell, and to be supported by the NDSEG Fellowship.

My research spans statistics, signal processing, and machine learning; broadly speaking, it involves developing methods for statistical and causal inference that exploit low-dimensional and temporal structure. My past and current projects involve (1) Bayesian methods for tracking sparse signals; (2) the use of low-dimensional models in theory and algorithms for causal inference; and (3) applications to public policy and economics.

I am also interested in public policy — both the statistical analysis of policy and policy for science and technology. I am a current fellow in the Sam Nunn Security Program, where my research involves societal impacts of machine learning.

In Fall 2019, Greg Canal and I organized a petition regarding mandatory graduate student fees at Georgia Tech, which are the highest in the country.

Outside of research, I enjoy hiking and cycling, music (especially classical), reading, and baking. I have an only slightly tenuous claim to an Erdös-Bacon-Sabbath number of nine: my Erdös number is 4, my Bacon number (from a role as an extra in a major movie) is 2, and my Sabbath number (from my time as a violist) is 3.


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